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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Park Bom 박봄

Park Bom 박봄 - Korean Singer and lead member of 2ne1.

Basic Profile

Name: Park Bom (Jenny Park) 박봄
Birth Date: March 24, 1984
Height: 165 cm (5'4")
Blood Type: AB
Education: Lesley University majoring in Psychology, but transferred to Berkley College of Music to study music
Religion: Christian
Hobbies: Enjoying music
Favourite Colours: Green, Pink, Red
Specialties: English, Japanese, flute, cello, piano
Postion: Lead singer

I have no idea if this profile information is accurate, it was taken from a Korean fan site so I guess it is? Ok, as promised here are a few captures from Park Bom's recent Music video "You and I". I'll post a few more pics when I can find them, they appear to be few and far between though.

Park Bom 박봄 - Screenshots/Pictures from "You and I" MV.

Park Bom - 박봄 - and 2ne1 - Korean K-Pop

So yeah there I was, surfing the Internet, minding my own business having spent most of the day learning Japanese. I needed to find an online dictionary to look up the Japanese word for Giraffe, when all of sudden I found myself on youtube watching this..

The intro for Dara made me laugh, the announcer.. "IS SHE A BAD GIRL!"....umm, well actually no, I don't think so, she looks like a cute little kitten. :)
Why was I watching this? I have no idea, but these Korean girls were energetic, charismatic, they had a powerful on stage presence that was hard to ignore and god they were sexy, and in time it takes to utter the words "Obsessive Compulsive Disorder" I had already downloaded their entire MV collection.

The pop culture is certainly not my first stop when it comes to musical emotional refueling. All the girls were attractive for sure, Dara has that cute stereotypical innocent beauty and seems to have a bubbly personality type, I'm sure that will capture the hearts of many fans.

Very Cute ;)

So on to some Youtube music videos......

Girl bands generally adopt a pretty stereotypical template, and why not, if it's been tried and tested and the equation works.

All the girls are very talented, they had obviously been practising their synchronised stool sitting as it was perfect. Dara's cute happy go lucky confidence is quite charming, although I feel her vocal range and power is weaker than the others. CL and Minzi are obviously both very talented dancers, they have a good vocal range. Their new music video "Please don't go", is catchy and has lots of energy. Park Bom...there was something quite special about her, something that went beyond her obvious vocal abilities and the cute persona. It was difficult to define, a subtle stage presence and charisma wrapped in a child like vulnerability.

I went in search of other videos featuring Park Bom.

and so to rap..

Bom what a voice!, the live version is better though ;)

and solo...

Please smile Bom. :(

Wow...what a voice! I have this feeling that Park Bom, was a little nervous during her recent solo stage performances bless her, she doesn't seem at ease in her surroundings or while interacting with the male dancer partner in the above video. Bom has a smile that can melts hearts, but during live appearances she rarely smiles it seems? Park Bom has amazing potential, my original review was a little harsh, the poor girl must have been terrified, this being one her first real debut solo performances. Break out the smile Bom and have some fun, and you'll have won their hearts before they even realise it themselves. Park Bom is going to be featuring here on a regular basis, as I am quite keen to track her progress.

Can anyone please tell me what the Korean fans are all shouting together at the start of the music video? This seems to be a common practice during Asian live acts, but I haven't really witnessed it to the same degree anywhere else? I think it's a really sweet custom that seems to bond the audience and the artist.

My favourite MV.

I'll post screenshots from her latest music video in the next few days. :)


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