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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Zhang Li Yin

Remember that Chinese girl who sang korean with Xiah and starred in mv with Hankyung? That's right it's the lovely Zhang Li Yin who has an amazing voice!

And she is back! Hooray!

... she's back with her new single: "Moving On" released late Oct-early Nov in China~

Title: Moving On. The 2nd Single Album (晴天, 雨天)
Artist: Zhang Li Yin (張力尹)
Released Date: 11-5-2009
Track list:
1. 晴天, 雨天 (Moving On)
2. 爱我 (Love Me)
晴天, 雨天 (Moving On) Instrumental

The title track is a slow track, featuring Donghae in the MV. However, to many people's disappointment, the MV is only pictures of her and Donghae. Nevertheless!...the song is beautiful. Her voice is amazing!

Moving On:


The second track, Love Me, has a faster beat ft Henry Lau in rap!


While on the subject of new Chinese releases, most of us probably all heard Super Girl from SJM. I personally thought that mv conveyed a bad message T-T so I'm not into it.

But did you know? Super Junior M also has a new mini-album out back in September? Well if you are like me and didn't know about it...now you do!Title: Super Girl the First Mini Album
Artist: Super Junior M
Release Date: September 2009
Track List:
1. Super Girl
2. 到了明天 (Blue Tomorrow)
3. 告白 (Confession)
4. 动情 (Only U)
5. 爱情接力 (You & Me)
6. Super Girl (ver. Korean)
7. Blue Tomorrow (ver. Korean)

Super Girl


到了明天 (Blue Tomorrow)


告白 (Confession)

动情 (Only U)

爱情接力 (You & Me)


Super Girl (Korean)



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