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Sunday, November 1, 2009

[PICS] 2PM Junho & Junsu Performing at Super Model Contest

After JaeBum left to Seattle, this was the first stage that the 2PM members performed.

A highly anticipated performance for fans and non-fans alike.
As the last performers, Junho & Junsu sang two songs, “Only You” and “Love”.

After the first song had finished, they both said “Hello, we are Junho and Junsu from 2PM.
We are sorry for not being able to be here as a seven member group.
However, even though it’s only us two… we came because we made a promise to meet all of you here through this event. We will do our best, so please look at us with generosity.

Also, while Junho & Junsu were singing, fans shouted “JaeBum, come back!”

Their performance will not be broadcasted due to fans/ people criticizing 2PM performing as six members or less.


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