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Sunday, November 1, 2009

[NEWS] YG Stars Get Special Treatment on Inkigayo?

YG Entertainment, being one of the top three entertainment company in Korea, get enough attention with Big Bang and 2NE1. Being compared to Music Bank and Music Core on KBS and MBC, netizens realized how all the YG stars are mainly featured only in Inkigayo (SBS). So now the netizens are rising up against the Inkigayo bias on the YG stars.

Recently, TaeYang performed his special ‘Where U At’ performance on Inkigayo and in the past 2NE1 performed most of their last performances through Inkigayo. Park SungHoon, the producer of Inkigayo, spoke up against this matter on the 1st of Novemeber.

When he was asked the question, “Aren’t you giving YG members special treatment through Inkigayo?” He responded back by saying, “That would never happen and we also never requested for YG to only have their stars featured through Inkigayo.” He also added on my saying “Because YG Entertainment’s president, Yang HyunSeok is such a hard worker, he matches with our code of conduct. We worked with 2NE1 first and that close relationship bonded us together.”

After being revealed to the netizens that he had also been the producer of the “Idol Big Show” Concert (aka. “YG Concert”) the netizens were even more fed up with the YG bias that went on. So Park PD added on further, “I can’t say the reason why YG doesn’t come out in other music programs because that is not in my decision and, we could be misunderstood but that is the truth.”

Source: Sookyeong


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