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Sunday, November 1, 2009

News about korean stars,

this is so true. i hope things really bloosom between them. unlike the tw which was hanging, and the jap which is disappointing.
they look real cute together. finally both nice looking soujiro and yuki.
i got this from, they are fantastic. she makes the best and fastest subs ever.
its in english. complete with supporting photos. theres only 3 on the two of them.
long live dramabeans!!!!!!! =D

Worried about Jun-pyo’s latest comments, Yi-jung drops by the restaurant looking for Jan-di. Ga-eul tells him Jan-di’s not working today, so he asks if she’s her friend, and how long they’ve known each other.

At her answer (”Since kindergarten”), he smiles and figures that’s good enough: “So you’re best friends. Then let’s go.”

At his pottery studio, Yi-jung explains that he’s afraid that Jan-di will get hurt, and asks Ga-eul to advise her friend. Initially dazzled by the tall, handsome, rich guy, Ga-eul’s opinion drops once she gets his drift: “What kind of advice? That she can’t climb that tree, so don’t bother trying?”

Yi-jung ups the charisma, smiling at her and saying that cute girls like her are scary when angry. She sees through the charm and tells him that he must have thought he could fool everyone with his pretty face, but he misjudged her. She’ll pretend this conversation never happened.

Ga-eul gets up to leave, but stops and comes back for one last word, temper flaring. After all, Jun-pyo’s the one who likes Jan-di, not the other way around: “Jan-di doesn’t care to climb that tree.”

As she’s exiting, she runs into Woo-bin, who wonders what that’s all about. Yi-jung says it’s nothing, and that she’s exactly the type of girl he dislikes (backwards and unfashionable). And yet, his eyes say otherwise…

credits: dramabeans


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