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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Kim So Eun (김소은),

Hey guys i was i start did thread bcoz i think they look cuter then the main couple...
I didnt even bother to wanted to watch the korean Ver. but after see thses two...i might going to watchin bcoz of them....i never like the tw ver. but i like the japan ver. the cast r cute.....anyway hope to see more of they later on the u guys think they do look great together? Better then the main couple? Lol

Here a article.....

*Kim Bum and Kim So Eun First Meeting Excites Viewers, Wednesday January 14, 2009 Korea*

The first meeting between So Yi Jung (Kim Bum) and Chu Ga Eul (Kim So Eun) in KBS Boys Before Flowers has become an attraction for many viewers.

In Episode 4 of Boys Before Flowers, the relationship between So Yi Jung and Chu Ga Eul finally got started although it was a rather fiesty beginning for them. But for viewers, their first meeting left a deep impression on them.

So Yi Jung comes to look for Geum Jandi (Goo Hye Sun) at her workplace but meets her best friend, Chu Ga Eul instead. Although Ga Eul is at first bowled over by Yi Jung suave appearance, she starts ranting angrily at him instead, after thinking about all the suffering that Jandi had suffered under F4.

The birth of a new couple in Kim Bum and Kim So Eun has gotten a lot of good reaction from viewers after the broadcast. Viewers left comments expressing, “Kim Bum and Kim So Eun looks really cute as a couple, can’t wait to see what will happen”, “It’s somehow very captivating despite the fact that they were arguing when you look at them? They are simply too compatible.”

Viewers can expect to see more of the couple as it was said beforehand that the production team would be giving them more time to grow as a couple.

Kim So Eun is also currently involved with KBS Empress Chun Chu where she plays the younger version of Chun Chu. She is now enjoying a nice popularity boost thanks to her different charismatic displays for both dramas

source: coolsmurf
also cedit to:

Name: So-eun Kim
Hangul: 김소은
Birthdate: September 6, 1989
Birthplace: South Korea
Blood Type:


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