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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Jae Young Jung

“J” (30) is a very famous Korean-American pop singer in South Korea, whose real name is Jae Young Jung. She suddenly left South Korea and came back to the U.S.One of her entourage revealed that “J was having a hard time and suddenly left for the United States on Mar. 26, 2008.

She asked to be left alone for a while so she could clear her thoughts.”J has openly stated that she was dating a Korean-American employee at a computer-related firm in New York and has been in a relationship with her boyfriend for a year and 3 months. However, during her career as a singer in South Korea, their relationship became strained, and eventually led to their breakup. Due to J’s running away to the US, her agency has postponed her next single album, which was planned to be released in April, and is trying to get in touch with her.

She is not a childish girl, but a reasonable adult. Moreover, she is one of the famous entertainers who are in the spotlight every time. Her behavior was not of the celebrity who plays a roll model for the public. Even though people can understand how sad she is now, her reaction to the breakup was wrong as a celebrity.

She had to officially announce her temporary cessation to the public before leaving South Korea, but she didn’t do it. So, what she needs to do now is that she goes back to South Korea and makes her situation public as soon as possible rather than runs ways and conceals herself. For her future career, she needs to have more responsibilities for her behaviors. There would nothing beneficial for her, if she just continues to seclude herself from the world.


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