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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Girls Promotes LG’s World Cup 2009

If someone asks who are the girls, I’ll laugh really hard.

Obviously I’m talking about the girls from SNSD and f(x) :D !

So while these girls are endorsing their cells, LG got some of them to promote their LG World Cup 2009, which is a competition to see who sms the fastest using their cellphones. These isn’t a small pea contest as there’s over 14 countries involved, but ofcourse no Canada and USA… *BUT* the winners of each of those country will go on to compete in USA so… MAYBE LG will send the girls over to US as special performing guest :) ? One can dream!

Hwaiting Clip feat. Yoona, Seobaby, Yuri, HyoYeon, Sunny, Victoria, Luna, Sulli,


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