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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Actors Song Hye Kyo and Hyun Bin

Actors Song Hye Kyo (27*) and Hyun Bin (26*) have broken hearts around the world with confirmation that they are currently in a relationship.

Song Hye Kyo & Hyun Bin

According to the media, Song Hye Kyo and Hyun Bin grew close through working together as a couple on the 2008 KBS drama, Worlds Within. The two also represented Amore-Pacific’s Aritaum brand together. However, they didn’t begin dating until June, following Hyun Bin’s stay in Busan to film Friend, Our Legacy. It was supposedly a case of “distance makes the heart grow fonder” as they were separated during his filming. During that time, the two friends developed greater feelings for each other.

Hyun Bin’s agency stated on the morning of August 5, “Song Hye Kyo and Hyun Bin were good friends and became lovers two months ago.” Song Hye Kyo’s agency also confirmed the news. Sources said the two usually go on dates at cafes in Chungdam-dong or Apgujeong-dong, in a car, or with a group of friends.

When asked about his ideal woman in a recent interview, Hyun Bin answered that she should have good sense (in knowing how to act in different situations) and be feminine yet eat well. One can assume that Song Hye Kyo fits this description? Hyun Bin will likely not discuss his relationship with the media as he adamantly told Star News on July 28, “I don’t want to reveal my private life. Whether it’s my house, parents, or girlfriend.”

In contrast to when Hyun Bin was rumoured to be dating Hwang Ji Hyun and fans verbally abused Hwang, netizens are greeting this news with compliments and congratulatory comments toward Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo. Song was previously linked to drama co-stars Lee Byung Hun (confirmed) and Bi (rumoured).

Source: Asia Economy, mydaily, SportsSeoul

*KP’s note: There have been mixed reports on their ages. Naver lists Song Hye Kyo’s birthdate as February 26, 1982; some sources say that her real (versus registered) birthdate is in November of 1981. Hyun Bin’s birthdate is September 25, 1982. This would make Song 27 and Hyun Bin 26 until September. Korean news sources usually write what the person’s age will be once their birthday of the current year passes; hence, most articles have listed both of their ages as 27. On a side note, Hyun Bin was asked in an earlier interview whether he calls Song Hye Kyo “noona” and he replied that he doesn’t since they were born in the same year. The reason that the question was asked because Song was actually one grade ahead of him during their school days. The Korean school year starts in March, so people with January/February birthdays usually enter school ahead of those with birthdays in March or later.


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